Gather internal details of computer’s in network using Netdiscover


Netdiscover it’s a scanning tool that comes preinstalled tool with Kali Linux, we can find this tool in information gathering. We use this tool for scanning, identifying the internal IP Address, MAC Address, Number of captured ARP Requests, unique hosts and names of hardware devices. We use Netdiscover for first phases of a penetration testing where you have access to a network. In netdiscover we have many options and we will explain you some unique command which we use mostly in the first stage of penetration testing and to gather internal details of computers in network.


OS: Kali Linux 2019, 64 Bit

Kernel-Version : 5.2.0-kali2-amd64

Netdiscover Diagram
Netdiscover Diagram
  •  Firstly use command netdiscover -help.
  • This command displays all the options of Netdiscover
Netdiscover Help
  • Use command netdiscover -r <IP Range> -PN.
  • This command performs an active scan and finds a number of live hosts with IP address and MAC address in Network or Local Area.
Netdiscover Active Scan
  • Use command netdiscover -p  -r <IP Range>.  
  • This command captures a number of ARP Requests/Reply packets and the number of unique hosts passively.
  • -p is for passive scanning.
  • -r scan for a given range of IPs
Netdiscover Passive Scan
Netdiscover Passive Scan
  • Use command netdiscover -r <IP Range>.
  • We can scan a specific IP Address range with -r option
    • -r scan a given range
Netdiscover Range Scan
  • Use command netdiscover -l <File>
  • -l is for the list.  Whenever list option -l, we use specify IP address with a range in file and save it. We have used file name as IP in /root directory.
  • This will scan the range of IP’s mentioned in file.
root@kali:/home/webimprints# cat /root/IP
  • Then use the above command for scanning
Netdiscover List Scan