17-year-old faked cancer and scammed millions from artists such as Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Taylor Swift

Scammers are unscrupulous people who don’t mind fooling people using the lowest tricks. To show, just take a look at the case of this 17-year-old who faked a brain tumor to found a charity, which she used for her own benefit in the form of travels around the world and cohabitations with singers and other celebrities, mentions a Daily Mail report.

Megan Bhari founded Believe in Magic, a nonprofit that would supposedly help other terminally ill children have a pleasant time with the help of other foundations.  

After some suspicion and an investigation by the UK Charity Commission, nearly 400,000 pounds of the association’s accounts were discovered, which would have been used by Bhari to finance her personal interests; Believe in Magic was dissolved by the British authorities; until its end the organization had been supported by artists such as Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

In addition, further research revealed that Bhari’s cause of death was classified as fatty liver-related heart failure, not including any mention of his alleged brain tumor.

In fact, suspicions about Bhari’s actions began before her death, as some parents of children with cancer who were able to get to know her through fudation claimed that many of her testimonies lacked any consistency: “Our children have gone through the worst experiences, something she said didn’t really sound like,” says Joanne Ashcroft, a patient’s mother in Wigan.

The parent group hired a private investigator, which discovered that during a trip to the U.S. where Bhari was supposed to receive treatment in 2017, she was actually staying at Disney World in Florida. On his social media, Bhari claimed to be in a medical center. After multiple complaints and leaked photographs, the Charity Commission initiated an investigation and temporarily froze some accounts associated with Believe in Magic.

Investigators found that multiple cash withdrawals were made from the organization’s accounts, as well as transfers to alleged trustees, as well as multiple anomalies that could even be considered serious crimes.  

The organization was shut down last week, while the remaining funds were handed over to Round Table Children’s Wish, a partnership for similar purposes. Jean O’Brien, Bhari’s mother, also voluntarily assumed a guarantee that will prevent him from holding senior positions at any charity for the next five years.