Europol warns about ChatGPT: AI helps in fraud, theft, hacking, terrorism and sexual abuse

In just a few short months, ChatGPT has established itself as an indispensable resource for millions of users. This artificial intelligence provides answers to each and all inquiries that we may have, making it beneficial for resolving a wide variety of issues. The issue is that ChatGPT is like a blade with two edges since it assists everyone, even those individuals who are interested in engaging in illegal activity.

The incorporation of AI into many facets of modern life has reached the point where it is considered perfectly natural. The only thing we need to do to take use of this technology is to pose inquiries to Siri or Google Assistant. This artificial intelligence and the number of applications in which it is used is growing over time as a result of the proliferation of ChatGPT into an increasing number of software programs. We have previously seen how Microsoft implemented something in Bing, which turned out to be a resounding success. The issue is that, as is the case with everything else, once the rival company discovered it, they started using other search engines to their advantage. Microsoft has previously issued a warning about this matter, suggesting that if its competitors make use of Bing’s AI, it would limit them access to it. This warning was sent a few days ago.

Bing is gaining market share at the expense of Google and other search engines such as Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex, amongst others. The fact that the latter has an AI that is analogous to ChatGPT has shown to be a much superior choice. And this is because, since since it was introduced in November 2022, ChatGPT has rapidly evolved into one of the most widely discussed issues all over the globe. Tens of millions of users visit their website every month to utilize their services, which include an AI that responds to every question that is asked of it.

Because of this flexibility, which allows them to compel artificial intelligence to fulfill any need, it is both one of their greatest benefits and one of their worst disadvantages. Anyone may ask questions about anything and anything in this section, including how to learn how to hack or scam. In point of fact, cybersecurity organizations in the UK have already issued a warning against the use of AI to assist hackers in the creation of malware. Now it is Europol that is sounding the alarm about the dangers posed by AI ChatGPT and how this technology might be exploited to perpetrate crimes.

The European Union has previously sounded the alarm about the use of artificial intelligence for illegal objectives, and according to the police, this practice started a few weeks after ChatGPT was first introduced. Despite the fact that this AI is able to refuse to carry out some orders that it deems to be unsafe, users have discovered a means to circumvent the filtering that is performed by OpenAI. According to Europol’s findings, there have been users who have succeeded in coercing ChatGPT into telling them how to manufacture a bomb or narcotic.

It is at this point that the European police tell users that they may ask ChatGPT to assist them commit crimes, and it is also at this point that the AI is particularly helpful. And here is it: a criminal may not have expertise in a particular kind of illegal behavior, but with AI, it obtains all of the essential knowledge and procedures to follow. In this particular instance, Europol has provided a vast number of instances, some of which include acts of terrorism, cybercrime, and sexual assault.

ChatGPT is responsible for filtering all of this information, displaying it, and providing an explanation of what actions to do since all of it is accessible on the Internet. According to what was reported in the UK a few weeks ago, the authorities think that AI is capable of easily developing dangerous code. With the use of ChatGPT, even a person with no prior expertise in criminal activity is able to begin committing crimes, and Europol expects that the amount of criminal activity will continue to rise.