Hacking Nexx smart garage door controllers makes it easy for burglars to break into houses

Due to a number of security flaws that a certain type of smart garage door opener controllers, named Nexx, has, cybercriminals are able to remotely access and operate garage doors located anywhere in the globe using these controllers. Users of Nexx, which provides a variety of devices including controllers for wi-fi enabled garage door openers, are exposed to a significant danger as a result of the flaws.

According to the company’s website, Nexx provides “items that are easy to use and work with stuff you already possess.” The company’s garage product hooks up to an individual’s preexisting garage door opener and gives them the ability to control it remotely via an app on their smartphone. “Life is already difficult enough as it is. “Receive peace of mind” is the slogan that appears on the website of the firm that promotes its product. This slogan suggests that remembering whether or not you left your garage door open should be the least of your problems. On Kickstarter, Nexx has launched fundraising projects.

The hack was shown in the form of a video produced by Sabtean. As was to be anticipated with the Nexx app, it shows him manually unlocking his own garage door with his fist. After that, he gets into a tool in order to examine the messages that were sent by the Nexx device. Sabetan locks the door using the app and records the information that is sent from the smartphone to Nexx’s server at the time of this action.

The door to Sabetan’s garage opens once again after he uses the software rather than the app to send an order back to the garage and have it carried out. Sabetan did not test this method on any other garage doors but his own; yet, he was able to remotely open the garage doors of other users using this method.

If someone were to exploit these vulnerabilities for malicious purposes, it would have far-reaching repercussions that might pose a serious risk to the clients of Nexx. A hacker might randomly open Nexx doors all around the globe, putting people’s garage contents and perhaps even their houses at risk of being broken into by opportunist burglars. There is a chance that pets may run away. Tuesday saw the publication of CISA’s own alert referring to the ongoing security concerns. The corporation has not provided a response or addressed the flaws in the system.