Microsoft Flight Simulator was cracked during its release date

It is a fact known to all that piracy and leaking are the worst enemies for video game developers, which seek to protect their latest releases at all costs, although this is not always possible, as mentioned by cybersecurity specialists.

In the early 1980s Microsoft released software known as Flight Simulator; as the name suggests, this is a flight simulator that has received constant updates and is even sold as a video game for Windows systems. The latest version, Flight Simulator 2020 (MFS 2020), has already been cracked, so it can be found in multiple hacking forums.

This is a new example of how quickly video game cracking groups perform, as information security training experts mention that MFS 2020 was released on Steam, Microsoft Store and other gaming PC platforms just a couple of days ago. CrackWatch, an online platform dedicated to tracking video game piracy, mentions that the official release date for MFS 2020 is August 17, while the date the game was officially cracked was just a day later, on August 18, although the cracked version could have been released on the same day as the release.

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SOURCE: CrackWatch

Although for many it was somewhat surprising, forum users are not really surprised to learn that hackers only took minimal effort to breach the security of MFS 2020. It should be clarified that CrackWatch moderators are not intended to incentivize piracy, improperly share copyrighted material or any other form of similar crime.

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SOURCE: CrackWatch

Information security training experts mention that security is usually one of the major improvements companies try to make when releasing new versions of a video game. However, for hackers it seems to be becoming easier to compromise the latest versions of Flight Simulator, which could indicate that Microsoft does not really strive to implement improvements to this product.