New secure and stable Linux kernel 5.6.2 released. Update your Linux servers

Just a couple of weeks after the release of Linux 5.6, the first update of this development have been reported.

Last Wednesday morning the release of Linux 5.6.1 was announced to fix some errors in the media code, adding ASUS USB-N10 Nano B1 to the rtl8188eu driver, plus a PCI Comet Lake H ID to the AHCI controller, and some USB serial IDs and some other random corrections.

It hadn’t even been two full days when Linux 5.6.2 was already available. Only a few fixes for the VT code were added to this release, in addition to adding the mac80211 solution to repair the Intel Wireless Driver “IWLWIFI” that had linux 5.6 flaws; the patch had not been implemented in 5.6.1, although it is already available on Linux 5.6.2.

The Linux 5.6.2 update features all kernel features enabled, including support for Intel IWLWIFI again, so users interested in the latest deployment can install the new version and thus enjoy all the features of your operating system.

Linux-based systems are a frequent subject of security analysis.

Just a few days ago, a cybersecurity researcher reported finding a remote code execution vulnerability in the OpenWrt operating system that could be exploited to inject malicious payloads into an affected system.  

This is a Linux-based operating system primarily used for the operation of integrated devices and network routers. OpenWrt is employed by companies from multiple industrial sectors around the world.

An update implemented to address a previous vulnerability allowed the package manager to ignore SHA-256 checksums embedded in the signed repository index, allowing threat actors to bypass the integrity check of downloaded .ipk components. Until their upgrade, hackers had to send compromised packets from a web server and intercept communication between the device and the address to exploit the vulnerability. Failing that, a threat actor could take control of the DNS server that the target device used to make target a malicious web server.