The dumbest hacker: Man who used Robert De Niro’s fake ID to get a loan was arrested

Identity fraud has become one of the most common crimes and involves classic tricks such as creating fake IDs, even using complex phishing schemes, although some criminals use these methods in a rudimentary way.

Cybersecurity specialists reported that a Romanian citizen accused of fraud was caught carrying a false ID with the name and photograph of the famous actor Robert De Niro. After being granted parole, the defendant was arrested again, this time for drug possession.

In 2011, 53-year-old Sorin Bulgaru was sentenced to nine years in prison after he and an accomplice used false identifications to process bank loans. The fake ID showed the actor’s name and photo, as well as a false whereabouts. The defendant also received charges of electronic fraud.

Shortly after being released from prison on parole, authorities discovered more than 300 ecstasy pills (in addition to 15 grams of other substances) during a routine check-up in Bulgaru’s department, where the defendant lived alone. The criminal was sent back to prison, where he must remain for thirty days until the beginning of a new legal proceeding against him.


According to local media, officers never stopped guarding Bulgaru during his probation, as they suspected the defendant would get in trouble again. They eventually raided his domicile, assuming Bulgaru would be about to complete an illegal transaction.

“The defendant had for sale a large number of ecstasy tablets (MDMA), so we resorted to arrest in flagrance; your potential suppliers or customers will be investigated,” a statement from the Romanian police said. The agents took the time to clarify that the renowned actor has no knowledge that his image and name were used by a cybercriminal and drug dealer.