Microsoft’s Planet Zoo videogame finally cracked after a year. Denuvo protection could not save it

The operators of CrackWatch, a platform that contains the latest information on pirated video games, have confirmed that the Planet Zoo code has been cracked, so the pirated version of the game is now available.

Planet Zoo is a kind of new launching of Zoo Tycon in which users can build their own zoo with dozens of species included, which can also grow with a DLC. In this game, animals achieve behavior identical to that of their real counterparts, such as when wolves gather in herds.

After almost a year, hackers managed to crack the game’s code, protected with Denuvo. Users should remember that CrackWatch only provides information about the game status, so its intention has nothing to do with providing pirated videogames or encouraging malicious hacking.

Cracking has evolved at the same rate as video game developers, so despite the constant advancement and release of dozens of DRM that promised to be the solution to piracy, sooner or later hackers find a way to breach the security of these developments, reaching the point where video games are pirated even before they go on sale.

There are several groups that have managed to dodge the Denuvo system in recent years, such as CODEX or CPY, which are the ones that have cracked the most video games, and where CODEX stands out as the main group today.

At the moment, there is no game that uses a version of Denuvo that cannot be cracked. Although it is difficult to keep track of all existing versions, because each video game released include updates in this security tool.

The latest version is 5.6, which has left version 4.9 in the past, released in 2018.