User wins through Fortnite Champion Series using this $11 USD hack

Video games have become a competitive and professional activity, so many users pay special interest to the appearance of any method that gives them an advantage or, in other words, cheating. Sample of this is the latest report related to hacking in the Fortnite player community.

We are less than a week away from the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) finals and while developers try to make sure the competition is legitimate, it has been revealed that a player made it to the finals cheating undetected. No one had noticed until the player himself started a streaming in which he deliberately shows that he cheated since the qualifying event began.

The user, known as Kona, qualified for the FNCS finals until he revealed his tricks and was suspended by the developers. In his streaming, the user shows that he had access to an aimbot (a hack to aim his weapons automatically), wallhacks and even tricks not seen previously, as a signal to identify players with the best loot.  

In a later interview, Kona revealed that I use these traps from the early qualifying phases to the semi-finals. In addition, the gamer claims that it only took him five minutes to enable the hacks, paying $11 to an unknown hacker. Kona added that enabling this hacking kit is within the reach of any user.

The gamer concluded by mentioning that he was only 15 years old, so the interviewers harshly criticized Epic Games, developers of the game: “Epic let a boy bypass his billions of dollars security systems”.

This is a major concern, as Fortnite’s competitive community can begin to test the safety of the game, discovering more problems each time. Further, it would not be uncommon for someone to invest their resources in finding these flaws, as e-sports offer better rewards than ever before, not to mention that there are many users who, at least through social media, are pronounced in favor of exploiting these flaws in order to take advantage over other player