GTA online Rockstar Games Social Club accounts become victim of hackers again

On February 27, 2023, a Twitter user named MCbcMC2005 (Twitter/MCbcMC2005) tweeted that the Two-Factor Authentication exploits in Grand Theft Auto Online had come back. The owner of the GTA Online crew Instytut Lorenca is MCbcMC2005. They said that hackers tried to get into their Social Club account to get back into their crew.

GhillieMaster, a popular gaming YouTuber (Twitter: @GhillieYT), also reported the exploits and said that Social Club accounts are being stolen using “social engineering” and getting around all standard security measures. They said that Rockstar Games hadn’t fixed the problem even though it had been going on for almost a year. The tweet also said that other GTA Online players bought stolen crews. After being hacked the first time, the user changed their password and added two-step verification. Still, the hackers were able to get around all of the security measures that the game studio had put in place. They also said that these hackers could take advantage of other players as well.

In another post, the user said that Rockstar Games’ official GTA Online crew was also taken from the website. The crew has the same name as the game studio, and all 60 of its members are said to be developers who work for the company.

The well-known “Rockstar Social Club Two-factor Authentication Exploit” for PC has come back, and the same users are being targeted as before. Even though the game studio hasn’t said anything about it yet, data miners say that the exploit puts GTA Online accounts at risk of being hacked again. Players of GTA Online are told to change their Social Club passwords to ones that are hard to guess and strong, and to keep their profiles up to date with the most secure settings.