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   Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) is an intuitive, comprehensive platform that enables automation, orchestration, management, and analytics for application delivery across hybrid multi-cloud environments. Citrix ADM offers a web-basedRead More →

In its most recent edition, Operation First Light 2022, planned by Interpol, led to the identification of various social engineering groups around the world, in addition to the seizure ofRead More →

In its latest security alert, Google confirmed the release of updates to address seven vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser, including four bugs considered critical and that could put the millionsRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report the detection of PACMAN, a new hardware vector attack targeting a function of Apple M1 chips that would allow threat actors to execute arbitrary code on affectedRead More →

A worrying number of cybercriminal campaigns occur with no indication of those responsible for these online crimes, especially those with financial motivations. However, in some cases, threat actors leave enoughRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report that a malware variant for the theft of passwords, credit cards, and cryptocurrency addresses is being distributed on the Internet through an alleged pirated copy of theRead More →

Millions of parents in the United States are suffering from the shortage of milk formula for babies, a completely unforeseen problem, with no apparent solutions and that is sowing greatRead More →