Youtuber with millions of subscribers faked his kidnapping & scammed his fans for $30k USD ransom

All users are exposed to attempts at fraud via the Internet, and sometimes these malicious activities may come from those least expected. Yao Cabrera, a popular Uruguayan youtuber, has been accused of embarking on a fraudulent campaign in which he pretended to have been kidnapped to obtain money from his subscribers.

The content creator, with nearly 7 million subscribers, was trying to raise $30k USD to pay a false ransom in complicity with other ‘influencers’.

It all apparently started on Instagram, where a group of youtubers began talking about Cabrera’s alleged kidnapping, beginning to ask their followers for donations to pay the ransom and take him away from his captors. 

However, the campaign was only supported by the claims of these individuals, so followers and users who learned about the issue began to suspect, accusing those involved of scamming attempt. It should be noted that Cabrera’s followers and the other youtubers involved are usually very young (about 10 years on average), so this campaign could have been severely harmful.

Jorge Zonzini, a media specialist, was one of the first users to point out Cabrera’s fraud: “This is despicable wherever you look, this individual is perverse,” Zonzini says. “Cabrera has come to the point of trying to raise thousands of dollars by deceiving his audience, made up mainly of minors.”  

So far, further details are unknown about Cabrera’s alleged kidnapping and stance on the fraud allegations. The other individuals listed have also failed to issue any further statements about the campaign and it is ignored if any subscribers have sent money for the ransom.