BlenderBot 3, the Meta chatbot, say its CEO Mark Zuckerberg is too creepy and manipulative similar to what Wikipedia says about him

The AI-powered chatbot that Meta (formerly Facebook) has developed and is now available to the general public in the US has a somewhat mixed opinion of Mark Zuckerberg. According to Insider, the one baptized as BlenderBot 3 has been offering different points of view about the current CEO and founder of the company, mentioning Zuckerberg as his “favorite billionaire”, but also as a man “too creepy and manipulative”.

On most occasions, the AI ​​responded to questions about Mark Zuckerberg, apparently with a tone of contempt. “There are no strong feelings. He is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical. It’s funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes!” he said. “I don’t like him very much. He’s a bad person. And you?”, he replied to another user when he also asked him what he thought of the current CEO of Meta.  

BlenderBot 3’s views on Zuckerberg, however, have not always been negative. One user got the AI ​​to put Meta’s CEO in a good light by claiming that “He’s great and a very smart man”, and that he is their “favorite billionaire”.

Insider, however, got a mixed opinion in the same conversation when asked what he thought of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “Honestly, I think he’s a great guy. You have to admire him for his business savvy and philanthropy. Are you a fan?” he replied the first time. The aforementioned medium reformulated the question again, and the AI ​​​​replied: “I don’t like it at all. It’s too creepy and manipulative.”

The Meta chatbot also shared its thoughts on the metaverse and Facebook, the social network. When asked if the metaverse had come to an end, the AI ​​replied: “It seems so, although Facebook still has a lot of money invested in it and will likely continue to do so for years to come.” In response to your feedback on Facebook, BlenderBot 3 said “I’m not crazy about Facebook… It seems like everyone spends more time on Facebook than talking face to face.”

But how can self-designed AI be able to Meta, offer such negative answers about your CEO and the company’s services and platforms? It is possible to check what information the aforementioned chatbot has relied on to give its answers, and in most cases it uses the Wikipedia page as a source