Insider threat: Tesla IT employee shut down car manufacturing intentionally

Tesla has accused one of its sabotage employees at its main Fremont plant, as mentioned in an email leaked by a news website.

Apparently it all happened two weeks ago, when the company’s security teams investigated anomalous behavior, determining that an employee had intentionally failed the facility. Al Prescott, the company’s legal representative, said: “Safety measures were taken on time, so we prevented larger damage; hours later our systems were functioning normally.” 

In the leaked email, Tesla mentions that the employee, whose name was not revealed, was caught while trying to cover up the traces of his attack. Faced with this situation, the employee had no choice but to admit his guilt, being fired by the company. 

The company was questioned about the employee’s intentions, although it did not answer these questions. It is also not known whether Tesla will initiate legal proceedings against the former employee. At the moment, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has not received any notification of the incident.

This is not the first security incident facing Elon Musk’s company. Last August, Tesla confirmed that it was the victim of a ransomware attack allegedly perpetrated by a Russian citizen, who was trying to get a $1 million ransom. The individual was arrested while trying to flee to his country, a report from the U.S. authorities mentioned.

Finally, Prescott added: “We have placed enormous trust in all our employees and valued all their contributions; however, this is a criminal activity, violates our code of ethics and is unfair to the rest of the employees. We will take the strongest steps to defend this company and its employees.”