This man faces 400 years in prison for hacking children’ social media profiles and child pornography

Cases of accusations and sentences related to cybercrimes are becoming more frequent. It was recently revealed that a man from Mohave Valley, Arizona faces a sentence of up to 400 years in prison in case of being found guilty of the 35 criminal charges brought against him, all related to computer intrusion and child abuse.

18-year-old Cameron Charles Brush faces legal proceedings on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, after authorities determined that the accused hacked into a girl’s computer, in addition to being found to be in possession of child pornography.

Cameron Charles Brush during his arrest

Subsequently, another 25 offences were added:

  • Ten charges of child sexual exploitation
  • Seven charges of sexual extortion
  • Seven charges of computer tampering
  • Plus one charge for attempted sexual exploitation

Brush was discovered after the county sheriff’s office received a report from a 17-year-old, who claimed that her social media accounts had been hacked, and the hacker extracted her photos and manipulated her information.  

The defendant threatened the young woman with posting her photos unless she sent him explicit photos and videos; at least eight more minors filed complaints against Brush. Despite having developed a complex scheme to access Facebook accounts, the hacker did not take any time to hide his IP address, so he was easily located by the authorities.

The crimes would have occurred between April and December 2019. Although the prosecution has dismissed at least five counts of computer tampering and attempted sexual exploitation, it is a fact that Brush will remain for a long time in prison. Judge Billy Sipe Jr. set a $100k USD bond; although it seems that the defendant will not exercise such an option.  

Local media reported that the prosecution has offered the accused an offer; Brush must plead guilty to at least nine counts of sexual exploitation and computer tampering, facing at least 15 years in prison and probation for life after his time in prison is over.