New iPhone calendar spam affects millions of Apple users

Users of Apple devices are being attacked by an annoying spam campaign. According to recent reports posted on forums such as Reddit, a group of spammers is using a fake calendar app for iPad/iPod to generate multiple notifications that have little to do with the legitimate app, causing inconvenience to users.

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While some users believe that this could be an infection campaign to compromise the security of their devices, others mention that it could only be a bad joke. The truth is that apparently none of the users who reported this campaign found a way for these notifications to stop appearing.

Fortunately it is not all bad news, since cybersecurity experts mention that this behavior is not due to a malware attack and the security of the devices is not at risk. According to experts, this fake application originates from a third-party website where users are asked to download a VPN service for their device or an extension for the Safari browser. This website redirects them to Apple’s official store to download the app.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es spam2312202002.jpg

Experts mention that this app is completely secure and does not contain malware, although they do not understand why its developers decided to use spam campaigns to promote it. If you want to remove this calendar from your device, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on the home screen and choose Passwords and Accounts
  • Once in the Accounts menu, you should be able to see an unknown account titled New Calendar, Other Calendar, or something similar
  • Choose the suspicious account and select the Delete Account option, available at the bottom of the page

This series of actions should prevent these annoying notifications from appearing again. Remember to be careful when visiting suspicious-looking online sites, as even a click on the most seemingly harmless online ad could compromise your device or even install an app in an unauthorized manner.