Samsung sent a Find My Mobile notification to all its users while testing its backdoor

Samsung Galaxy device users around the world experienced something unusual on their smartphones. Millions of owners of these devices reportedly received an unusual notification from the Find My Mobile app. This notification does not mention anything but the number 1 and, according to Galaxy users, disappears when it is played.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile is a service that allows users to find their phone in case of theft or loss. In addition to remotely locating a lost Galaxy device, it can also be used to remotely lock it, deny access to Samsung Pay, and back up files stored on the device.

“Hello, any idea what’s happening with every Samsung phone in the world?” mentioned one of the affected users via Twitter, attaching a screenshot to show the notification.

Many users were concerned; they even came to think that this was part of a series of tests of the company for some malicious purpose. However, several computer security specialists mentioned that this was most likely a company failure. This would not be the only similar case, since a year ago thousands of onePlus computer users received unusual notifications, sent in error from the manufacturer.

The problem spread to users of the latest Galaxy models, such as the Galaxt Z Flip and the Galaxy Note 10 series. Even users who haven’t signed up for Find My Mobile report receiving the notification.

Finally, Samsung revealed via Twitter that sending these notifications was due to an error during a series of tests, adding that only a few Galaxy users were affected, ruling out a possible security incident.