These Samsung Galaxy phones can be hacked just via incoming call. Update software

A few days ago, we informed you that a significant flaw was present in a number of Samsung phones, which caused the phones to be vulnerable. This allowed hackers to take control of the device with only a single phone call, opening the door for further intrusion. The problem was caused by an error in the software of an Exynos modem, which is found in a number of different Samsung devices. The problem has already been solved, and the answer may be found in the form of an update. The latest security patch, which was released in March, has allowed Samsung to confirm that the issue has been resolved. It is one of the most significant in the history of the organization due to the fact that the security flaw that it addresses is one of the most significant in the most recent years. Your smartphone might be hacked with something as easy as an incoming call.

And in point of fact, it may continue to behave in this manner so long as the update is not installed on your system. While not every Samsung smartphone is impacted, some of the brand’s best-selling models are. It is of the utmost significance that you check your Samsung smartphone for any pending software updates and apply those upgrades as soon as you possibly can. It is of significantly greater significance if you own any of the following mobile devices:

Samsung Galaxy A53
Samsung Galaxy A33
Samsung Galaxy A12
Samsung Galaxy A13
Samsung Galaxy A04
Samsung Galaxy A21
Samsung Galaxy A71
Samsung Galaxy M33
Samsung Galaxy M13
Samsung Galaxy S22 (Exynos)
Samsung Galaxy S22+ (Exynos)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Exynos)

Because of the Exynos modem, these 12 Samsung mobile devices are the ones that are vulnerable to the security problem. If you own one of these devices, there is a chance that you have already gotten or will soon get an over-the-air (OTA) update. Do not be hesitant to install it as quickly as humanly feasible. Following its installation, the open door will be closed; but, if you choose not to do anything, your device will still be susceptible to a big hack that can be accomplished with relative ease if you did not install anything.