Best Ways to Use YouTube for Better Efficiency

When we talk about social sharing websites, Facebook secures a good ranking in the list. If you want to promote your brand, website, or blog, YouTube can be a great platform. There is a plethora of videos that you can watch without spending money; all you need is a reliable internet connection, a device to watch videos, and your time. 

The article enlists some of the tricks that you can use for better productivity as well as to grow your subscribers on YouTube. 

Unblock YouTube to Avoid Distraction

For some (or many), YouTube is considered to be the major distractor due to the availability of large volumes of content in almost all categories. That’s why users sometimes block YouTube to focus on their work.

If you, too, have blocked the video content streaming website and later realize that you need to view a video uploaded by the competition, this can be useful. You can unblock YouTube by using a VPN or a proxy, but these methods can be less secure.

On Mac, you can unblock YouTube using Terminal, while in Windows, you need to navigate to the Control Panel. If you are looking for detailed information on how to unblock YouTube on mac, several ways can enable you to resume access to the video-watching website. 

Turn YouTube Video Into a GIF

People love GIFs, but everyone doesn’t know the way to use them efficiently. To create a GIF from a video, select its URL from the top of the browser, and add the ‘gif’ after ‘www.’ and before the domain name. 

It will direct you to and upload the video for editing. On the left-hand side of the window, you will find a list of options and a timeline bar at the bottom. It allows you to set the GIF duration, add a caption, crop the frame, and adjust the clip as per requirement. 

Click Create GIF option available at the top-right section of the screen, and it will prompt for a set of tags and GIF titles. Click Next, and it will land you on the page from where you can share the GIF with your audience. 

Create Link to Play YouTube Video at a Certain Time 

If you want to send someone a YouTube video that can play from a particular time, this tip can be of great help. You can send a YouTube video link by tweaking the settings that enable the recipient to play the video from the selected time frame. 

Open a video and select the Share button. Now, check the box available next to ‘Start at’ in the list of options that appear and select a time. This will allow you to skip the introduction and jump to the informative part only.

You will see a tag added to the original YouTube link. Copy that link and paste it anywhere you like to share your custom video with friends or other audiences. This saves the viewers time as you can share the important message while skipping the not-so-important part. 

Create & Share Video Playlist

Playlists allow the users to group and organize related YouTube videos together by theme or topic. Curating content into different categories becomes easy. It increases the Watch Time as it automatically plays all the videos grouped in a single playlist. 

Similar to iTunes or Spotify, you can also create a video playlist on YouTube. It allows you to keep your playlist private or make it public. You can even share the playlist with others directly to help them get access to similar video content in one place. 

Playlists are also excellent for SEO purposes as they can rank higher for selected keywords. You should write captivating titles and enticing descriptions and optimize keywords for the playlists. In addition, set the best thumbnails for your video playlist. 

Save Videos to Watch Later

If you have come across a useful video on YouTube but don’t have enough time to watch it, save it for later. It allows you to bookmark the videos for viewing later whenever you get some free time out of your busy schedule. 

To do this, open a YouTube video, click the ‘Add to’ icon available below the title of the video, and tick mark the checkbox available next to the desired playlist. To view this video, go to the YouTube homepage and select the ‘Watch Later’ option from the menu available on the left side. 

The Watch Later playlist works like a normal playlist, and the instructions are quite similar on mobile. You can view the videos that you have saved for later and can also remove the videos that you have already watched. 
The above-mentioned hacks will help you use YouTube efficiently, but avoid clicking any links provided in the description. These links can direct you to a malware site that can damage your computer and the data stored within.