How to run Windows 10 on IPhone step by step

The term virtual machine (VM) may sound unknown to most technology users, although it is one of the resources most used by specialists. Using a VM, researchers can run a different operating system than the one natively contained in the device.

These tools are widely used on desktops, although recent developments have allowed you to run VMs on powerful mobile devices, such as iPhone X. One of the latest tools is UTM, an open source VM that allows you to run a fully functional Windows 10 operating system on the device developed by Apple. 

UTM is an application capable of running Windows and Linux operating systems on an iPhone or iPad at a relatively stable speed. Some attempts were made to run Windows 10 on an iPhone X with UTM, obtaining acceptable results.

For virtual machines running on mobile hardware, this application works much more efficiently than an emulator. Despite the efforts of the developers, it is necessary to mention that performance is still noticeably slow, as it can take almost a minute to open applications like Windows Explorer.


If you are interested, you can follow these steps to run Windows 10 on a virtual machine on your iPhone:

  • Download AltStore and add the font.
  • Install UTM.
  • After installing UTM, download and use the Windows 10 ISO image.

Using this tool does not require a device with jailbreak or any other hacking variant. Developers managed to launch the Windows 10 VM in approximately 20 minutes. Considering the limitations, this VM runs best on iPhone X devices. You should remember that this process is not approved by Apple.