TOP 10: The countries that use cyberwarfare the most to attack governments and businesses

Malicious hacking has become very common, so all tech users are exposed to cyberattacks. While there are multiple gangs or individuals with few minimal resources or skills trying to engage users, there are also cases where governments in some country sponsor important criminal cells to attack more attractive targets, such as large private companies or government agencies.

One of the fastest growing trends is cyberwarfare, in which governments act in conjunction with advanced hacking groups to attack the critical infrastructure of foreign governments and private companies, mainly technology providers.

Cybersecurity specialists then rank with the top 10 countries launching cyberattacks against targets around the world. The report was prepared by Yahoo News.

  1. China: It is no secret that the Chinese government is one of the main allies of the most important criminal hacker groups in the world. Specialists claim that 41% of reported attacks worldwide come from the Asian giant
  2. USA: About 10% of global cyberattacks are generated in the U.S., where some of the most infamous malware variants have also been developed
  3. Turkey: Nearly 5% of cyberattacks around the world come from Turkey, where cybercrime has flourished with total impunity recently
  4. Russia: Hackers operating on Russian territory generate 4.3% of the total cyberattacks worldwide. It should be noted that many of the most important attacks against companies such as Google and Facebook come from Russia
  5. Taiwan: One of the main targets of Chinese hackers is Taiwan, which in turn generates 3.7% of cyberattacks worldwide
  6. Brazil: Brazil is the main base of operations for hackers throughout South America, recording 3.3% of attacks worldwide. A hallmark of Brazilian hacker groups is that they rarely act against foreign users and organizations
  7. Romania: Like Brazil, Romania originates 3.3% of all cyberattacks detected globally. According to reports, multiple multinational hacking groups operate in this small country
  8. India: 2.3% of cybersecurity incidents worldwide originate in India. There have even been reports where IT companies offer hacking services against other companies, public entities or individual users
  9. Italy: To the surprise of many, about 1.6% of all cybercriminal attacks are carried out by Italian hackers. Although it is impossible to determine exactly how many threat actors are operating in Italy, the authorities point to two hackers as responsible for a large number of high-profile incidents, Luigi Auriemma and Donato FarranteAureima
  10. Hungary: Cybercrime has grown considerably in Hungary in recent years. According to the researchers, 1.4% of the total cyberattacks reported last year worldwide originated in Hungary

Law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity firms have done a great job in detecting the operations centers of the world’s leading hackers. It is up to local governments to take appropriate measures to combat these malicious activities.