Cybersecurity insurance firm Chubb was hacked by a ransomware

Chubb, one of the leading providers of cybersecurity insurance services, has been the victim of a cyberattack that compromised large amounts of confidential information.

According to local media, this incident relates to unauthorized access to company data through a third party. All indications are that, at least this time, Chubb’s networks were not compromised at all.

Specialists from security firm Emsisoft reported the incident initially. According to the researchers, it is a ransomware infection, in addition to a data theft perpetrated by the cybercriminal group Maze.

Although most ransomware attacks are limited to encrypting user information, Maze is characterized by its emphasis on information theft. If the victims decide not to pay the ransom, threat actors publish the stolen files on multiple hacking forums. Even the FBI issued a statement recently to report on a significant increase in the number of Maze attacks.

Since early March, alleged hackers have published a list of alleged names and email addresses of Chubb’s top executives, although the company did not rule on the incident. Hackers have not yet revealed further details about the insurance company.

Chubb is one of the largest cybersecurity service providers in the United States, offering cybersecurity incident response services and cyberattack insurance policies.

It should be noted that Chub has been embroiled in controversy in the past. Target filed a $75 million lawsuit against the insurer, arguing that Chubb was unable to cover the costs of a data breach in 2013.