data breach

In a security alert, Microsoft warned Office 365 customers about a phishing campaign in which threat actors seek to get affected users to grant OAuth permissions and eventually access theirRead More →

After a huge increase in phishing case reports, banks in Singapore will begin implementing a new set of security mechanisms, including removing all links attached to emails sent to theirRead More →

School website provider FinalSite was the target of a ransomware attack that severely disrupted access to thousands of academic platforms around the world. This firm operates as software as aRead More →

HCL Digital Experience (DX), a platform for creating and managing web platforms, is affected by multiple vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution (RCE) scenarios, the researchers claim. AlthoughRead More →

According to a report by the Daily Mail, a Russian hacking group infected the systems of some police departments in the United Kingdom with a ransomware variant and leaked someRead More →

Alena Yarmosky, spokesperson for the government of Virginia, US, has confirmed that some systems within the state legislature have been affected by what appears to be a ransomware attack. YarmoskyRead More →

The Indonesian government is investigating a hacking group that claims to have stolen the personal records of thousands of police officers, this as part of a series of cybersecurity incidentsRead More →

Information security experts report that StripChat, one of the largest webcam platforms for adults, was the target of a cybersecurity incident that led to a data breach, affecting millions ofRead More →

Singaporean authorities set a fine equivalent to only $54,000 USD against Commeasure, the company that owns the booking website RedDoorz after the platform leaked the information of nearly 6 millionRead More →