social engineering

In its most recent edition, Operation First Light 2022, planned by Interpol, led to the identification of various social engineering groups around the world, in addition to the seizure ofRead More →

Researchers from the SafetyDetectives team found an exposed AWS S3 bucket that stored personal details about pilots, flight staff and other employees at Turkish flight company Pegasus Airlines. This bucketRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists from the firm Website Planet report the detection of a completely unprotected database that guarded a total of 12,976,279 records belonging to FOX News, including usernames, employee identifiersRead More →

Researchers from the firm Armblox report the detection of a phishing campaign in which threat actors use a false voice message notification on WhatsApp in order to install a malwareRead More →

A hacking group managed to obtain confidential information from some users after contacting the Apple and Meta support areas posing as police officers, accessing records such as full names, phoneRead More →

Researchers at security firm Avanan report detecting a hacking campaign targeting Microsoft Teams users through malicious executables. According to experts, these files placed in Teams conversations can write data toRead More →

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published a report mentioning that its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has received more than 1,900 complaints related to the SIM swapRead More →

During the last week, several players of the popular soccer video game FIFA 22 reported that their Electronic Arts online accounts were hacked. The incident would also have affected popularRead More →

Hao Kuo Chi, a resident of Los Angeles, California has been accused by U.S. authorities of collecting more than 620,000 private photos and videos by compromising Apple iCloud accounts. TheRead More →