Office 365

Researchers from the firm Armblox report the detection of a phishing campaign in which threat actors use a false voice message notification on WhatsApp in order to install a malwareRead More →

A couple of weeks ago, Proofpoint researchers detected a new malicious campaign identified as OiVaVoii employing hijacked Office 365 accounts and a sophisticated combination of phishing tactics, data theft, andRead More →

In a security alert, Microsoft warned Office 365 customers about a phishing campaign in which threat actors seek to get affected users to grant OAuth permissions and eventually access theirRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report a sudden increase in the detection of phishing emails specially designed to steal the Office 365 credentials of affected users. According to the report, presented by Kaspersky,Read More →

Researchers specializing in phishing campaigns detail the discovery of a new technique that allows threat actors to evade detection of these attacks, all thanks to the use of mathematical symbolsRead More →