Cybersecurity specialists report that a malware variant for the theft of passwords, credit cards, and cryptocurrency addresses is being distributed on the Internet through an alleged pirated copy of theRead More →

After a researcher detected a specially crafted Word file to run arbitrary PowerShell on Windows systems, Microsoft confirmed that its operating system is affected by a zero-day vulnerability tracked asRead More →

In its most recent release, the operators of the Sysrv botnet included new exploits to use new vulnerabilities, posing a serious threat to Windows and Linux systems. Identified as Sysrv-K,Read More →

A report by ESET research team claims that hundreds of computer systems in Ukraine were infected with a powerful malware variant that deletes data stored on Windows systems. Through itsRead More →

Researchers at security firm Avanan report detecting a hacking campaign targeting Microsoft Teams users through malicious executables. According to experts, these files placed in Teams conversations can write data toRead More →

Researchers from the security firm Uptycs report the detection of an increase in the abuse of regsvr32.exe through various Microsoft Office documents. According to the report, malware variants such asRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists mention that the developers of the Trickbot Trojan have added a new set of advanced features to prevent researchers from reverse-engineering this malware, protection based on the blockingRead More →

McAfee security teams announced the correction of a critical vulnerability in McAfee Agent for Windows software that would allow threat actors to perform privilege escalation and remote code execution (RCE)Read More →

At the beginning of 2021, Microsoft issued security updates for almost 100 vulnerabilities, among which 9 bugs considered critical stand out. System updates will fix all errors currently identified inRead More →