Zero-day vulnerability

After a researcher detected a specially crafted Word file to run arbitrary PowerShell on Windows systems, Microsoft confirmed that its operating system is affected by a zero-day vulnerability tracked asRead More →

In a recent report, Google Project Zero pointed out that during 2021 58 zero-day vulnerabilities were reported exploited, a record in the short time that this specialized team has beenRead More →

In its latest security update, Apple included fixes for a zero-day vulnerability that would have allowed threat actors to hack iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. The flaw was tracked asRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report the detection of a critical zero-day vulnerability in Argo Continuous Deployment (Argo CD), a widely used Kubernetes tool for automation of the deployment of desired application statesRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report that a Chinese hacking group is exploiting a critical zero-day vulnerability in Zimbra in order to access exposed email inboxes and obtain information related to European governmentsRead More →

From next September, the Chinese authorities will require that any citizen who finds a zero-day vulnerability report it to the government, so they will not be able to send itRead More →