privilege escalation

Maintainers of Argo CD, the continuous delivery (CD) tool for Kubernetes, announced the fix of a vulnerability that would have allowed threat actors to spoof JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) andRead More →

An Intel security report points to the detection of various memory errors in the firmware of microprocessors used in hundreds of its products. According to the company’s report, these areRead More →

In its latest security alert, Microsoft reports a bug in its Azure cloud platform that allowed users full access to other users’ accounts. The flaw, dubbed as “AutoWarp”, was reportedRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report the detection of a critical privilege escalation vulnerability in version 5.8 of the Linux kernel. Tracked as CVE-2022-0847 and nicknamed Dirty Pipe, the vulnerability was introduced inRead More →

On Monday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published a report detailing the detection of eight new security flaws in its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, some of which couldRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report the finding of CVE-2022-0185, a severe vulnerability in the Linux kernel that can be exploited to evade containers in Kubernetes, allowing threat actors to access resources onRead More →

McAfee security teams announced the correction of a critical vulnerability in McAfee Agent for Windows software that would allow threat actors to perform privilege escalation and remote code execution (RCE)Read More →

A cybersecurity specialist reports the detection of a dozen vulnerabilities in myPRO, a product developed by industrial automation firm mySCADA. Among the reported flaws, the expert highlighted an error consideredRead More →

Parallels Desktop developers announced the release of an alternative solution to mitigate the exploitation of a privilege escalation flaw in Parellels Desktop v16 and earlier software. The problem is thatRead More →