Prices for hacking tools in dark web increase by more than 200% by 2020

A recent Flashpoint report indicates that the prices of credit cards committed to selling in multiple hacking forums have increased their price to reach figures of up to three digits. Researchers analyzed multiple platforms on dark web, detecting multiple categories such as DDoS platforms, purchase and sale of exploit kits, access to RDP servers, among others.

On average, the cost of a credit card increased by 225% this year. On the other hand, a counterfeit U.S. passport can cost up to $500 USD; if it is a British passport, the cost rises to $3500 USD. Other services that have increased their popularity are Denial of Service (DoS) attack platforms, which cost around $160 USD per attack.

Experts mention that as-a-service models have become increasingly popular, as these platforms allow administrators to tailor their services for each specific customer, resulting in more impact on victims’ systems.

RDP server access services cost nearly $580, although there are lower-cost services depending on the attacker’s interest. Finally, phishing kits, which typically include usage guides cost less than $50 USD, while exploit kits to attack Office 365 users can cost $125 USD.

Flashpoint researchers believe these hacking tools and services consistently priced throughout this year due to a greater number of reported incidents: “This analysis shows some of the most important trends, which will help to design better security strategies by 2021; the pandemic will continue to affect millions of users working remotely, so companies need to be better prepared,” concludes Flashpoint’s report.