Verona Arena: famous Roman amphitheatre infected with malware that encrypted their devices

Ransomware incidents can affect any organization, whether industrial, medical, government and even tourist services, as the case below. Cybersecurity specialists report that Arena Verona, an amphitheatre located in Piazza Bra, Italy, has suffered an encryption malware infection that encrypted their computer systems.

This is probably the largest and best preserved Roman-style amphitheatre in Italy, so it is still used for all kinds of events. Since the nineteenth century, this building has received constant restorations to maintain its structural integrity. The incident affects nearly 70 people working at the monument, as well as severely impacting their annual profits of 13 million Euros.

About the incident, a nearby source claims that the infection also exposed personal information from the monument’s former and current employees, including personal identification keys. Local authorities are notifying all potentially affected individuals of the situation: “The confidentiality and security of personal information is one of our highest priorities,” a statement from the foundation in charge of amphitheater management mentions.

Neither the foundation nor the local authorities have revealed further details about the incident, so the variant of ransomware used, the amount of ransom demanded from the victims and the identity of the attackers are unknown. The investigation is still ongoing so these details could be known until the Italian justice processes are concluded.