HP solid state disks vulnerability corrupts devices after some time

An HP security report alerts users on a security flaw that will cause some SCSI solid-state drives to collapse after 40,000 hours of operation. To avoid this scenario, users must install a recently released update patch.

The firm revealed a list of some of the devices that might be affected by the issue, although it specified that this issue is not unique to HP, so other manufacturers must remain aware of the reports.

Regarding the problem, affected solid-state disks running a firmware version prior to HPD7 will fail after the mentioned time, equivalent to four years, 206 days, and 16 hours of use, period close to the warranty limit of this kind of devices.

Once the use reaches this point, the affected device will collapse and it will be impossible to retrieve the information, so the only measure of protection against this problem is the creation of backups, or installing the security patch instead. The company is already aware of the flaw.

The new firmware can be installed using the online flash component for VMware ESXi, Windows, and Linux. A few weeks ago, Dell EMC released a new firmware to fix a similar bug affecting some of its solid-state drive models. Affected models include:

  • LT0200MO
  • LT0400MO
  • LT0800MO
  • LT1600MO
  • LT0200WM
  • LT0400WM
  • LT0800WM
  • LT0800RO
  • LT1600RO

According to HP, most ed affected devices are still far from the time limits for the failure, so affected deployment administrators are still in time to create security backups.