How British queen uses her anti hacking secure encrypted phone?

An expert on issues related to the British crown claims to have discovered who are the two people with whom Queen Elizabeth II talks the most through her smartphone, in addition to claiming that this is a highly secure device, with the highest standards of encryption.

It is a known fact that, faced with fears that the coronavirus could put the monarch’s health at risk, her team invited her to adopt the Zoom videoconferencing platform to send messages and make calls, limiting her exposure to the virus as much as possible.

In an interview for the Royally Us podcast, the expert Jonathan Sacerdoti states that one of the people with whom the queen interacts the most through her smartphone is her daughter Ana, although he does not necessarily talk only to her. In addition, the Expert on British Royalty mentions that the device used by Queen Elizabeth was manufactured by Samsung and is specially designed to keep away malicious hackers.

Sacerdoti acknowledged that he does not know the technical details that make the Queen’s smartphone a hack-proof device, but says that the British authorities invested all the necessary resources to turn a simple Samsung smartphone into a device with the best encryption mechanisms.

As many will already assume, Queen Elizabeth II is neither the first nor the last relevant political personality to use an encrypted device for her personal and professional communications. An example of this is the beginning of the administration of Donald Trump, when the newly elected president of the U.S. refused to use the encrypted smartphone that the Secret Service prepared for him; during his time in office, Trump always tried to have his own iPhone with him, although it was unknown if the device had any advanced encryption mechanism.

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