IMDB website defaced to make fun of Arsenal documentary

According to a recent report, the website of the International Movie Database (IMDB) was compromised by an unidentified user, whose apparent intention was to play a joke on those users who entered to read the synopsis of “All of Nothing”, a documentary about the English football club Arsenal soon to premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

The English Premier League season is just beginning and the picture could not be worse for the London-based team, losing their first three games of the year. This situation was taken advantage of by some prankster, changing the description of the documentary in reference to the current situation of the club:

“In Amazon’s third installment of ‘All or Nothing’, we uncover the pathetic downfall of North London’s 2nd biggest club. No European football, no faith, just vibes”, mentions the synopsis published by this unidentified hacker.

This joker did not stop, as he placed the documentary in the category of “Comedy” and described Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, current captain of Arsenal, as a “washed-up striker” in reference to the bad time that the players of the team go through.

Amazon Prime Video will follow the entire season of the English club, so no doubt its fans hope that the documentary will eventually become a strong point of the team and stop being a reason for ridicule. The method used by this hacker, or hackers, to gain access to IMDB platform is still unknown.

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