Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite Internet, is illegal in India

The Authorities of India recommend that its citizens do not subscribe to the Starlink Internet service, of the company SpaceX, since it has been confirmed that the firm does not have a license that validates its operation in the territory. Starlink registered its brand in India in early November, so it even started a marketing campaign and started offering pre-sale subscriptions.

However, the company has not received an authorization to start operations in India, so the local Telecommunications Department issued a warning through its social media profiles:

The authority’s statement argues that the company was asked to comply with the current regulatory framework to be able to provide satellite telecommunications services, in addition to asking them to refrain from providing their services at least until the telecommunications authority reaches a determination on Starlink.

In this regard, Starlink’s representative in India Sanjay Bhargava mentioned that the company already has more than 5,000 customers in the subcontinent, so they expect the resolution of the local authorities to be favorable. Starlink plans to operate under a wholly-owned subsidiary called Starlink Satellite Communications Private Limited (SSCPL).

Since a couple of months ago that Bhargava began working for Starlink, the executive ordered to implement a marketing campaign to start attracting potential customers, placing pre-orders: “Our stretch target is to have 200,000 terminals active in India in December 2022. Actual numbers maybe much lower than that or even zero if we do not get government approval but it is very unlikely that we will exceed 200,000”, he added.

According to recent figures, India boasts 800 million broadband connections, a number that grew by 15 million between June and July 2021. The goal mentioned by the company suggests that, should it get the government endorsement, the company will not get a large share of the Indian market.

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