After REvil, Russian government arrests founders of Infraud Organization hacking group

Russia’s Federal Security Service of (FSB), in collaboration with the authorities of some regions announced the arrest of four individuals accused of belonging to the hacking group known as Infraud Organization, characterized by the sale of compromised credit cards.

Those arrested would include Andrey Novak, alleged founder of the group and wanted by the US government for the operation of various cybercriminal campaigns. According to one report, Novak is under arrest while his three accomplices are under house arrest.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the criminal group was organized by Novak and a Ukrainian citizen in 2010, wreaking economic havoc ever since.

In 2018, law enforcement in the U.S. arrested 13 people accused of participating in the criminal scheme that inflicted damages of at least $530 million. The detainees were citizens of the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Serbia. Authorities filed charges against 36 people, including Andrey Novak.

A source close to the FSB assures that U.S. law enforcement also participated in this police operation. The source also mentions that Novak was arrested a couple of months ago, which eventually led to the arrest of the accomplices, identified as Kirill Samokutyaev, Konstantin Vladimirovich Bergman and Mark Avramovich Bergman.

The reports also note that the Russian federation has no intention of extraditing Novak, plus current legislation prevents it: “Russian law prohibits the extradition of its citizens to a foreign state. However, if a foreign national is arrested in Russia and his country requests his extradition, the individual will be extradited after the Russian authorities finalize their investigation,” the source adds.

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