Hackers take control of hundreds of CCTV cameras on Russian streets and buildings

Anonymous and other groups of alleged hackers continue to launch cyberattacks targeting Russia. In their latest message, hackers claim to have taken control of more than 400 Russian cameras in support of Ukraine. The hacktivism group shared the live stream of the hacked cameras through the behindenemylines.live website.

According to the message, the committed chambers belong to private companies, public squares, restaurants, public offices and academic institutions.

In an overlapping text, Anonymous describes the atrocities of an absurd invasion that Putin tries to hide from his population. The message reads: “Putin is killing children, 352 Ukrainian civilians killed. The Russians lied to 200RF.com.”

In a similar campaign, hacktivists claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on some Russian public TV channels and a pair of streaming services, whose signals were hijacked to show millions of Russians images of the invasion of Ukraine. This is a relevant incident since in Russia there are practically no media independent of the Kremlin.

In addition to these attacks, Anonymous has also targeted some websites in Belarus, one of Russia’s main allies in this conflict.

Finally, during the last hours began to circulate multiple rumors of a massive hack by Network Battalion, a group affiliated with Anonymous that claims to have compromised the networks of the Russian firm Kaspersky, exposing what seems to be the source code of the popular antivirus.

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