AT&T denies claim of leaked data of 70 million customers on hacker forum

After multiple unconfirmed rumors about a security incident, AT&T released a statement denying that a hacking group has access to the confidential information of more than 70 million customers, denying posts suggesting the sale of a massive database.

“Our investigation confirms that the information that appeared in an Internet chat forum does not appear to come from our systems,” says the statement from the telecommunications company, shared via email with some members of the cybersecurity community.

In previous days, it was reported that a hacking group had access to the information of millions of former and current AT&T customers, in an unsolved incident. Soon after, T-Mobile security teams confirmed a new security incident that would have compromised around 400 million records.

The compromised database would include full names, dates of birth, social security numbers and email addresses, among other records. Some of the compromised information was for sale through a dark web hacking forum earlier this week.

In this same hacking forum, a seller posted the alleged sale of the AT&T database, asking for up to $1 million USD in exchange for access to this information and posting some screenshots as a demonstration of the incident. The company’s statement denying the security breach in its systems suggests that the information posted on this forum was not extracted from AT&T’s systems, but would have been taken from some third party.

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