Data breach in U.S. University affects almost 50,000 people

A recent report confirms a data breach affecting more than 40,000 people linked to the Research Foundation of the State University of New York (SUNY), which revealed unauthorized access to their networks at the beginning of 2021 but detected until last July 14.

As mentioned above, the incident reportedly affected a total of 46,700 people, although it has not been confirmed whether they are workers, faculty, benefactors or students. The Maine Attorney General’s Office released a more comprehensive report of the incident on its additional platforms.

In the report filed with the prosecutor’s office, a representative of SUNY mentions that unusual activity was detected in its networks, which led to the closure of some systems. The academic institution began research in collaboration with a cybersecurity company, in addition to taking some preventive measures.

The university also contacted the relevant authorities, who launched a parallel investigation. The report also mentions that the Research Foundation reported detection of unauthorized activity between May and June 2021, though they claim that those responsible for the attack failed to gain access to sensitive information.

The academic institution pledged to provide affected individuals with free credit monitoring and fraud prevention services: “To prevent these incidents from happening again in the future, we are already taking the necessary steps to improve the security conditions of our networks,” the SUNY report states. These measures include implementing multi-factor authentication and enabling an endpoint discovery and response tool across your network.

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