Big applause for Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz for compromising Donald Trump’s website

Those who tried to access former U.S. President Donald Trump’s website earlier this week were in for a big surprise. According to a report, on Monday morning the website of the controversial businessman and politician was compromised by an alleged hacktivist of Turkish origin, who temporarily removed the content of the website to place a video of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

About the perpetrator of the intrusion, the self-appointed hacktivist “RootAyyildiz” claimed responsibility for the attack soon after, claiming that he compromised this website employing a basic server-side template injection technique, which allowed him to run code on the website remotely. At the moment other cases of attack deployed by this hacker are unknown.

On a newly created Facebook page, the alleged hacker claimed that he has been compromising websites for years through the exploitation of different vulnerabilities, mainly in order to send a message about certain public issues.

It should be noted that this website was created shortly after Trump left the presidency and was banned from major social networks due to his controversial messages. Seeking to build his own social platform, Trump ordered the creation of this website, although after the initial impulse this platform was abandoned.

This is not the first time a Turkey-based hacktivist group has attacked technological infrastructure hosted in the United States. In mid-November, a website controlled by current U.S. President Joe Biden’s team was targeted in an attack, allegedly in an attempt to spread disinformation.

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