Famous hacking forum BreachForums is back, get ready for more data leaks

The notorious cybercrime and hacking site BreachForums, which was taken down a few months ago, has been relaunched under the direction of new administrators. Following the arrest of its proprietor, Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, the original BreachForums, which had been established as an alternative to the confiscated RaidForums, was forced to discontinue operations and shut down. After then, the forum continued to be inaccessible, which prompted its users to debate the continuation of the forum in a Telegram group that was given the moniker “The Jacuzzi.” In its former iteration, BreachForums played the role of a prominent meeting place for members of the hacker community to trade stolen data, debate various hacking methods, and coordinate illegal acts. The infamous hacking organization known as ShinyHunters has taken control of the recently resurrected site. Baphomet, who was one of the administrators of the first forum, was the one who provided confirmation that ShinyHunters would be taking over administration of BreachForums upon its comeback. In a message that was PGP-signed, Baphomet, who is still an active member of the hacking community, made the announcement that BreachForums will be coming back online.

In the year 2020, ShinyHunters first came to the public’s notice when they were associated with a number of data breaches.Further notoriety was garnered by the gang as a result of their sale of stolen data on underground hacker forums and marketplaces on the dark web. Organizations with huge user populations and sensitive data, including as personally identifiable information (PII), login passwords, and financial details are often their targets.

Concerns regarding cybersecurity and data protection have been raised despite the fact that the true identity of ShinyHunters is still unknown. This is due to the fact that the scope of the breaches that have been related with ShinyHunters has increased.