Cyberattack shuts down the operations of the world’s leading dairy company

A representative of Lactalis Group, the world’s leading dairy company, revealed that a hacking group launched a cyberattack that led to the commitment of some of its internal networks. The company currently has around 85,000 employees in 51 countries, producing dairy products for a hundred countries worldwide with subsidiaries such as Galbani, Lactel, Santal and Parmalat.

In a press release issued a few days ago, the representative mentioned that this incident would have affected a small number of computers connected to their networks: “Lactalis Group security teams detected an intrusion into an IT infrastructure sector; appropriate actions were immediately taken to contain the attack, in addition to notifying the relevant authorities.” On the intent of this attack, the statement ensures that hackers were trying to disrupt work on their servers.

As some users may recall, the perpetrators of these attacks usually try to extort affected organizations, threatening to post the compromised information on illegal hacking forums if their usually economic demands are not met.

The company added that its internal investigation concluded that there was no data breach arising from this incident: “Our IT team is fully focused on investigating this incident; our research with them has not revealed data breach scenarios so far.” Lactalis also announced the disconnection of some potentially compromised IT systems as an interim measure to stop the commitment of new sectors in its network.

The company concluded its message by mentioning that they will continue to work to protect the information of its customers, partners and employees: “We will continue to restrict some work on our own initiative, including access to the public Internet network.” Although Lactalis claims that no threat actor managed to access its confidential information during this attack, the cybersecurity community believes that the company will continue to monitor its networks for the slightest indication of malicious activity in order to prevent a subsequent incident.

Do you know about any similar incidents? These attacks are more common than users think, so the latest information is needed. To learn more about computer security risks, malware variants, vulnerabilities and information technologies, feel free to access the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) website.