How to find location of a phone with just the phone number free of cost?

Determining the location of a device is one of the most complex hacking tasks, although there are several tools that can incredibly simplify this process, reducing everything to a matter of seconds.

This time, the experts in ethical hacking of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) will show us how to obtain the location of a smartphone using only the phone number of the user we want to track. To do this, we will use Firefly, a mobile hacking tool that requires a monthly subscription, although we can also access some of its features using the free trial.

Before proceeding, we remind you that this article was prepared for informational purposes only and should not be taken as a call to action. IICS is not responsible for the misuse that may occur to the information contained herein.


As you can already imagine, the first step is to install the tool:

git clone

Next, go to the firefly cd directory and copy the firefly file from there to the internal folder (or wherever it is convenient for you so that you can quickly find the file in the browser, ethical hacking experts recommend).

mv / storage / emulated / 0 /

The next step is to go to the site and register to get the API through which the program will work.

  • We must choose a free subscription and enter any information and mail requested, preferably that is false information. Once you have completed the registration procedure, you will be able to see your API.
  • Copy the API and go to the firefly file, which was previously transferred to the device’s internal memory. Open the file and you will see this line.
  • We will have to insert our API in the fragment where the cursor appears. The result should be seen as shown below:

Now choose the Save and Exit options.

Now go to Thermux and transfer your file back to the mv /storage/emulated/0/ $ HOME/firefly, directory ethical hacking experts mention.

python2 + phone number

As you can see, everything went well in this example, with the exception that no information about the target’s city is displayed, probably because the phone operator does not provide access to this information.

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