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Using rooted devices has become a way to employ advanced hacking tools without using a powerful computer. However, the rooting process can be complicated for the uninitiated. On this occasion,Read More →

Determining the location of a device is one of the most complex hacking tasks, although there are several tools that can incredibly simplify this process, reducing everything to a matterRead More →

Western Digital announced an update to its SanDisk SecureAccess/PrivateAccess product, hoping to address a vulnerability that would allow its users’ data to be accessed through brute force and dictionary attacks.Read More →

Although sometimes the concept has a negative connotation, hacking can be very useful for totally legitimate purposes in various fields, including the use of smart devices. According to mobile hackingRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report the detection of a critical vulnerability affecting QNAP QTS and QNAP QuTS hero, two versions of the operating system for network attached storage (NAS) equipment developed byRead More →

Malicious payloads in a ransomware infection and other malware variants can be hidden using multiple methods, some of which are somewhat unusual and might seem like an element out ofRead More →

A couple of months ago Trustwave researchers detected a new variant of ransomware possibly developed by amateur hackers and based on other, more well-known malware variants. Identified as BlackByte, thisRead More →

The developers of L0phtCrack, a popular digital forensics and password recovery tool, have announced that this will become an open source project and will be maintained in collaboration with otherRead More →

Google announced the release of an emergency update to address four critical security flaws in the Chrome browser whose exploitation would allow threat actors to infiltrate the systems of affectedRead More →