Due to a flaw in Firefox, the phone’s camera keeps recording after the screen is locked

Recently a flaw was reported in the Firefox browser that would have kept the cameras of the devices active even after users left the app in the background or with the screen locked. Mozilla announced that its computers are already working on a fix.

In this regard, a spokesperson for the company noted that the update could be ready in late October or early November. The flaw was reported almost a year ago by an employee of the Delivery and Logistics Platform Appear TV. The flaw occurs when users choose to stream video from a website loaded in Firefox instead of a native application.

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For privacy reasons, users can stream video from a mobile browser so as not to install an external app that has to operate with high permissions on their device. Specialists point out that mobile browsers access data on the device, protecting users.

The company’s developer noticed that its transmission, broadcast via Firefox mobile, continued even after it stopped using its smartphone. In addition to significantly decreasing device performance, this is a serious privacy issue, as users completely ignore that the camera is still active.

The company’s spokesperson adds: “Like video conferencing apps, Firefox sends a notification informing users if a website in the browser accesses the device’s camera or microphone, although this feature could improve, especially after locking the screen”.

The failure is expected to correct a default system when locking the screen. Because the update will still take a couple of months, Mozilla recommends Firefox Nightly users a browser version with enhanced privacy. At the moment this browser is only available in its trial version.

Also known as Fenix, Firefox Nigthly will replace the current version of Firefox for Android operating system. The features of this system allow the user to enjoy greater privacy, making it difficult for third-party sites to track user activity.