Cyber war going on between NVIDIA and hackers: Both trying to hack each other. Company shutdown its systems

A few days ago it was reported that the South American hacking group identified as Lapsus$ would have been responsible for the recent cyberattack against the technology firm NVIDIA, which would have resulted in a severe leak and encryption of confidential information.

Most cybersecurity specialists consider these reports as mere rumors, although NVIDIA is known to be conducting a thorough investigation into some anomalies in its systems.

Hackers continue to claim that they managed to steal 1 TB of data from NVIDIA, and threaten to leak passwords and security details of the company’s employees in the coming days. Although the hackers shared some screenshots about the alleged leak, cybersecurity specialists believe that this information is not conclusive to confirm the attack.

The specialists also mention that Lapsus$ has not shown to have a coherent strategy, since at first they assured that the information would be retained in exchange for a ransom and shortly after ensuring that the attack is simply a protest against the company’s policies.

In the latest update on the incident, hackers claim that NVIDIA managed to hack them, so they decided to leak the confidential information. Some reports indicate that the company’s information was leaked through some private Telegram channels. More details are unknown at this time; NVIDIA has rejected all requests for information related to the alleged attack.

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