Famous pornstar Sunny Leone suffer identity theft. Hackers take bank loan using her identity

Through her Twitter account, the renowned former pornographic actress of Indian roots Sunny Leone said that her PAN key was used by unidentified hackers, who processed a bank loan in Dhani Stocks in an unusual case of identity fraud.

“This just happened to me… An idiot used my PAN to arrange a loan of 2,000 Rs,” the actress said in a tweet thread that has since been deleted.

A Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) is a key assigned to inhabitants in India for tax identification purposes. That’s a 10-character alphanumeric key that contributors can also use as a means of identification.

Dhani Stocks PIB is an installable trading terminal designed for advanced and high-frequency traders. It is an advanced online trading platform with real time.

Sunny mentioned IndiaBulls Securities Limited (Dhani Stocks) in his tweets, complaining about the agency’s delay in resolving the matter. However, the former adult film star soon after deleted her tweets and confirmed that the incident had already been resolved.

Soon after, some users in India began complaining that unknown actors started using their personal information to apply for loans from the Indian government.

At the time of writing, Dhani’s social media team was still actively responding to all users who are reporting suspected cases of identity theft and financial fraud. It is unknown if this is a bug in the financial firm’s systems or if it is part of a complex cybercriminal scam.

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