The biggest marijuana market in darknet is shutting down due to constant DDOS attacks

Cannazon, a popular dark web platform for buying and selling marijuana-derived products, announced that the website will soon shut down due to the constant denial of service (DoS) attacks facing administrators.

After some rumors, the platform’s operators posted a message to confirm their decision: “We are withdrawing. This is not an exit scam. All orders will be finalized. All sellers will have their money.”

The message from this platform also notes that the decision was made after having suffered a devastating DoS attack, which administrators took advantage of to reduce orders and comply with the remaining orders: “In our opinion, this was the best way to prevent some suppliers from trying to scam customers, harming this large community,”  point out the administrators.

The definitive closure of Cannazon comes after law enforcement in the U.S. managed to shut down White House Market, another well-known commercial platform on the dark web. So far it is unknown if the authorities had any intention of closing Cannazon.

This is not the only dark web platform of its kind; since the emergence of Cannazon another market known as CannaHome appeared, which had a number of users and sellers similar to that of Cannazon.

The shutdown of the most important e-commerce platforms on the dark web is one of the main tasks carried out by the cybersecurity divisions of law enforcement. These platforms are engaged in all kinds of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, arms sales, murder for hire and the sale of malware, so they have caught the attention of governments around the world.

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