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According to a report by the international news agency Reuters, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance would have allowed criminal groups to launder money for more than $2.35 billion between 2017Read More →

Turkish authorities are seeking to issue a sentence of more than 40,000 years in prison against 21 individuals accused of operating Thodex, a now-inactive fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange platform. An investigationRead More →

In a statement released this morning, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform confirmed that a “small number of users” were targeted for unauthorized activity on its systems. While the company didRead More →

Representatives of Liquid, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, have revealed that a hacking group managed to compromise its servers and steal digital assets equivalent to about $94 million USD: “WeRead More →

The new economic measures approved by the European Union could change the way cryptocurrency exchange platforms operate today. The new guidelines, announced on Tuesday and designed to combat financial crimeRead More →