The Demonic Vulnerability (CVE-2022-32969) was revealed by the Halborn  team. The vulnerability exists in MetaMask, Phantom, Brave, xDefi, and others wallets. CVE-2022-32969: Insecure permissions vulnerability in MetaMask and other browserRead More →

According to a report by the international news agency Reuters, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance would have allowed criminal groups to launder money for more than $2.35 billion between 2017Read More →

Symantec researchers discovered a new malicious operation using cryptocurrency malware identified as Clipminer. This strain would be based on the KryptoCibule malware, a Trojan with cryptocurrency and e-wallet theft capabilities,Read More →

In an operation coordinated by Europol, the Budapest Metropolitan Police managed to dismantle a cyber criminal group related to multiple money laundering and falsification of administrative documents operations. According toRead More →

Deus Finance, a well-known decentralized finance (DeFi) platform has confirmed that a threat actor managed to steal millions of dollars in cryptocurrency from its systems overnight on Wednesday. The confirmationRead More →

A report by cybersecurity firm BlockSec describes how a hacker discovered a method to exploit cryptocurrency loan agreements and triple their crypto reward on the ZEED DeFi protocol, executed onRead More →