A recent report details the operation of a financial and electronic fraud operation deployed by a highly sophisticated and stealthy hacking group, capable of compromising bank transaction processing systems andRead More →

Cybersecurity specialists report that, for some years now, a hacker has been running malicious servers throughout the Tor network in what appears to be an attempt to deanonymize users ofRead More →

The team in charge of GoCD announced the fix of three vulnerabilities that could be exploited in a chained manner to take full control of the underlying server. These flawsRead More →

A security report notes that Command-Option-Argument (coa), the popular npm library, has been infiltrated with a malicious backdoor code, which could have severe consequences worldwide. This library is downloaded aboutRead More →

A recently released report from security firm FireEye details how hackers exploit the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), a legitimate component of Windows systems, to inadvertently install ransomware in vulnerableRead More →

Researchers at the Swiss-based cybersecurity firm Prodaft recently announced the identification of a massive hacking campaign allegedly linked to the SolarWinds incident. In their report, experts say that last AugustRead More →